kenyon ledford

 In Search of the Perfect Sentence.  Jan Tarasovic owns this "Writers' Disneyland." (My description.) It's a purified mainline of words. Just reading a couple of blogs will warp your writing toward the warposphere; like it or don't! Go to her site here: For aggressive writers this site can be like walking into a bistro after a fast and saying, "Give me a green side salad with a light vinaigrette. It's where you review in order to get reviewed. However, it is a land of unicorns and teddy bears, and prickly, pimply pre-pubes who yearn to be seasoned, harsh reviewers.  You can get some great input if you are patient. It also offers a gabazillion other features, which, like its reviewers can be either helpful, fun, or a waste of time.  Bitchin!  They had me at, "Never Stab a Magic Painting" for "Portrait of Dorian Gray"