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Some of these songs were recorded in various studios by Jonathan McEuen, Mathew Sewell, the ex-Zircon Studios, or just by me, plugged straight into the computer with an acoustic and no effects. (sadly.) They were all written by me, or by me and Peter Howard

"Caroline" was a song I just jacked into the pc with my guitar, cheap mic and a heavy strumming hand. The plans I had for giving it a Havana circa 1940's flavour did not come to fruition, although I plan to get it recorded in such a manner, "someday," and with a real singer. I am the lone writing credit on this song and consider it one of my best. (writing-wise)  I almost forgot. The whistling part was supposed to be sung as, "Oh, Caroline..." but was so far out of my stretched vocal range that little angels came down and said, "Hey, don't sing that, um, try just whistling."

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 Sick of the homogenized sound of modern country music I wrote lyrics about it and gave them to Peter Howard. He put them to music and Jonathan McEuen recorded it. Orrest played the stand up bass on it. I can't remember his last name, only that he looked like an aging KGB agent. Probably best I forget his last name. The song is called, "The Battle."

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 I wrote "Liverpool Girl" in a day after it rattled around in my head for a while. I dare you to find a better song out there about our loveable Scouse girls. Matt Sewell, boy genius, recorded and produced it in his house on his Etcho-O-Sketch, along, of course, with my input. Matt played the instruments and I sang it. Click on the long, black line below to hear "Liverpool Girl"


"Another Lonely Day in the Sky," is a song I wrote about loneliness. Not mine, but the world's. Everybody I respect  hates this song. Maybe the melody doesn't do it for them. Maybe the lyrics are stupid. Maybe they are just lonely. I doubt it, though. This was one of a handful of songs I recorded at the old, "Zircon" studio on Bryant ST. Back in the day. (1998)

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"The Golden Thread" was a song that I dreamed, and had the good fortune to get up and write down in lyrical form. Peter Howard and I wrote the music to it. 

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"Pioneer's Son" is a tribute to both my father, and the western music he had such a passion for. This very rough cut was recorded by Jonathan McEuen at some random studio up in the hills of Ojai. He was going to just record a rough guitar/vocal demo, but then he kept adding more to it. Jonathan played all the instruments, and when I asked him for a copy of this recording, he asked: "Um, is anybody going to here it?"

No, Jonathan, not if this website is its only outlet...

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